VSCode, the only thing I hate about this is, it becomes too lag after I left it too long. Probably because of the vin extension, I typed something and it only came out 1/2 seconds and I have to restart my laptop 😭

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    Idk for what you use it, but I am thinking to purchase the jetbrains tools.

    I worked with vscode from 2 years now and it is icredibly laggy sometimes, probably due to some plugin tho, but is a resource eater too for a fancy text editor.

    There is no other tool that you can use, are you forced to use that monster?
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    Its terminal emulator is truly abhorrent. Definitely leave it closed most of the time. I strongly prefer to just run the terminal in something like alacritty outside of the IDE for that reason.

    Of course, leaky plugins are a thing too.

    It's pretty great overall.
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    I think yu need to go to settings the search [terminal]
    Change terminal type

    Then switch off unused extensions and activate them per environment

    And totally kill those you dond use

    I used to hve similar challenges but after configuration it's not much of a deal now
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    @zoridan what other light text editor out of the box that works kinda like vscode and has vim plugins?

    @SortOfTested the terminal is just cancer, I managed to setup wsl with tmux since I have to start multiple services while working

    @Taqsblaz3 will try
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    awesome Avatar and desk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    @Taqsblaz3 you’ll get there 😊
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    Overall I'm a fan of it, but I'm considering replacing it because of the rather awful licencing (extension store, additional tools like remote, c# debugger) and the performance
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