Favourite code editor?
Hands down, it’s actually Vim.

It’s mostly because I haven’t been able to exit it though. Actually it’s the only reason. I’m stuck. Someone please send help.

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    Hahaha, haha, hahaha, ha.
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    I find it amusing that @AlgoRythm is laughing at @Python
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    @hardfault (it's not real laughter)
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    My comment is metaphorical as python interpreter does laughs at my algorithms a lot 🤣
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    @AlgoRythm Are you sure? I always thought that an even number of "Ha" meant that you were seriously laughing, as opposed to an odd number.
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    @Jilano there are 9 ha's
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    @AlgoRythm :D (did you count while writing your initial comment or after)

    PS: The theory has been proven, people!
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    @Jilano Afterwards.

    I think it's because "ha" is effortless and sarcastic, but "haha" is genuine.

    They work in pairs. So "Haha" is genuine, "Hahaha" can be seen as sarcastic, and "Hahahaha" genuine again.
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    @AlgoRythm Makes sense. I do use "Ha" without being sarcastic, though, but to express my surprise with a bit of a smile (compared to "ah" that is just surprised)
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    @Jilano oh that’s new i am thinking more in terms of number of “ha” in each combination it goes like , if it’s not a real laugh what it could be 🤔
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    This got out of hand.

    - Sent from my Vim 8.2 editor
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    Simple, kill the whole terminal
    P.S. Existing vim jokes stopped being funny a while ago
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