I'm amazed so many people have "one" favourite editor. I have a whole bunch depending on the situation:

- IntelliJ whenever dealing with Java files
- VS whenever dealing with .NET
- VS code whenever dealing with Salesforce
- Notepad++ when just opening "any old file" to do some quick editing (never been won over to Sublime)
- vim when needing to edit files in a console environment
- nano as the second choice in the above situation when vim isn't available
- Emeditor when needing to open / work with very large files

I've never even remotely found a "one size fits all" solution.

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    A Jewish hookup once told me, "Condom sizes are a conspiracy. They all fit the same."

    An American one told me, "I had trouble looking for a condom that fits me."

    I'm probably far from being politically correct but you get it, ya know.
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    More likely people are just naming their favourite that sticks in their mind; Mentioning one editor doesn't automatically mean you only use one editor ever.
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    I'm poly-editor too.

    VSCode - for debugging JS. Great debugger.
    Sublime Text - for JS, CSS, HTML
    Notepad++ - SQL, plain text *cough* PHP

    I really should narrow down so I remember keystrokes better.
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