welcome to hogwarts

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    it just works
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    @altermind Until it doesn't work, then either the magic or a relative did something wrong.
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    Lol on the "magic"!
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    And when the user finds a bug then it is always the GUI guy's fault no matter where it orgins from...
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    Ahhhh exactly . And if you publish in xda they will ask for eta everyday non stop ! They think the app will designed And coded in a second poooofff :/ I guess that ui is important to show amount of work that been put in the app . And it's good to have a user that sees it in the way like " wow that's amazing that this app can do that or this "
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    Well, now working on a project for which this is true even for the developers 😂
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    That's how I see Mathematica.
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    And thus MagicJS was conceived.
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