this all started with VIM,

I now have custom a .bashrc, a custom .tmux.conf, few AHK stuffs, I am considering on using qute browser full time.

and for the past 14 days I've been configuring so much that I've only 2 commits on the actual work done.

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    Qutebrowser looks good, but it's quite slow and unreliable, maybe stick to something more mainstream like lynx
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    I'm happy to know I'm not the only one doing this... Phew I'm not weird after all!
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    @dontPanic yeah, qutebrowser just can't handle a lot of tabs for long in my experience. To be quite honest no browser really does, but Firefox at least doesn't work the CPU so hard.
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    Sure hope all this customisation, you know, actually pays off instead of just giving you some personal satisfaction
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