It's more of a QA rant....
A Website takes address information via POST. Since Selenium can not do POST properly devs said: "no worries, we will make the site accept addresses via GET url parameters"

Me:"Why not make a simple page with input fields that just behaves like the site calling our site via POST?"
Devs:"Nah we don't need that. Will be fine. We will ensure that POST service works via unit test."

Come release week... Dev:"Guys, POST isn't working, IT Analyst tested with the other site..."
Dev1:"Why did QA not test this earlier?"

Dev2:"He wanted to, we told him that we would unit test this. He fucking knew it. He fucking knew it so don't blame him!"

Me: :3

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    Sorry for your pain!

    Couple of things:

    Chrome postman extension is good for testing post requests.

    Update operation via get? :S Watch out for CSRF.
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    I know all of this ;)
    And CSRF we are adressing right now!
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    How exactly do you 'unit test' a POST?
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    Thats what the devs told me... only thing they actually tested was a REST call that is made from the backend to the Business Logic provider. Not the POST itself.
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