The other week a Comcast tech was out to install some new equipment. He was unsure whether an antenna could be placed outdoors, so he asked on a Comcast tech group chat. Within seconds he received a response from another tech: "Google it". It just amused me slightly that it's not just developers who get this response, and also made me a little bit mad because I know the frustration of being told to Google something even when I am asking in the right place.

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    Something the problem of being told "Google it" is trust.If you don't trust someone else you will not answer it and just told "Google it"

    Q : Which restaurant is good?

    A : Google it (you can give your view on which restaurant you have been and tell which one is actually good but since you cannot be bother you just said Google it)
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    @electrineer maybe it's not in manual? Or the manual is not written in a clear way?
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    @mr-user if such a product does not have specified operating conditions, it should not be installed.
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    The question is not can the antenna be installed outside, it's can *Comcast* install the antenna outside.

    Assholes keep blaming my wiring for the weak signal strength. Reality is they keep unhooking my effing amplifier because they don't know what it is, and telling me I need to gut the house and rerun coax.

    I also have video of Comcast techs entering my closet to do the ninja disconnect and cause a service call,. Apparently this shit is also somehow legal because of their tarriff. Comcast is just the worst.
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