Since my contract is going to be terminated on 1st July and brilliant devrant community injected me idea to make same project and start selling it as incorporated I made some steps.

I made simple POC that is command line application in different language and unrelated to what I’m doing and showed to my friend and ask if he want to buy it for his company and he was like wtf this shit even exist on the market or it’s new thing ?
I admit company I work for is not present in my country and this product is like not existing on the market. ( at least I can’t find it )

From this point I have a feeling I need to do it. I have life savings that will provide me to at least 2021 or even for a whole year if I’ll be smart and I think it’s going to be good thing to take a summer brake and make own project based on professional experience I have.

Despite the situation around I will be mostly coding 24/7, drinking and playing playstation.

I probably will convince my friend to work on it and my other friend to sell it once it’s done. He already wanted to sell my command line tool but I told him to keep his mouth shut cause they might steal the idea.

I already decided to use different tech stack and api so all software will be different, some business parts are unavoidable but I have many fresh ideas. At the end I will just connect some online payment, make youtube commercial and start selling it by integrating with some api and buying internet ads, also I will start looking for a new job from October if nothing will work out and just keep investing less time in it.

What you think ?
Should I take the risk or not finding job and do something that my heart is telling me to do( I write software for 12 years for money so I don’t think it’s even possible ) or should I live safe boring life and just go to another job ?

Have a nice day.

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    I mean, that's what I do. If you can ship in that time frame, do it. The worst that happens is you have a product that didn't achieve market fit.
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    @molaram thanks for idea

    @SortOfTested it’s quite possible it will need more direct marketing. That’s only thing I am scared of but at the same time I can integrate it with some public api and even provide some cloud integration.
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    That's what investment capital is for.
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    If you are going for your own thing, remember to keep a close watch on the market. Nobody really cares about the technology you make or how technically good it is, they care about what it does for them and whether they actually need/want it.

    Pretty obvious yeah and apologies if you've already been told this/know it really well but I've tripped up on that. Keep taking feedback from *relevant* people.
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    Base idea is already sold and used by “corporate” customers and it was their idea to start whole thing.

    It’s just not commonly thing.

    I will just simplify whole business model and remake it from different perspective that is medium- small business market.
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    @vane could be that there's no need for it in the medium-small market because their needs and processes are different.

    But hey, I'm sure you've done the research. Just be careful about this. The more relevant data you have, the better.

    All the best!
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    @RememberMe At this point I think the costs are to high for them to think about it.

    But yeah we’ll see.
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    but what is it? tell us now
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    @molaram it’s document automation related stuff.

    @M1sf3t well not at this point but maybe in future, at this point I need to build a serious POC with website so it will take probably whole next month.

    Then I will decide if I should also take time off.
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    @M1sf3t cool thanks will get back to it in another rant probably
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