1. It doesn't matter on which server I ssh, I'll have vim, if not I can install it. So I get the same work efficiency I would get on my pc

2. It has a predictible behavior - u don't have to think which keybind is where, or how to do something.

3. Sky is the limited if you want to customize

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    Doesn't matter to which server you ssh, it's always there

    Has predictable behavior, well layed out and labeled instructions. You don't have to remember stupid commands

    Sky is the limit if you want to customize
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    @shoop, @funvengeance forgot to mention one most important thing. It's super efficient to type with vim.
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    @v-vp how is typing with vim more efficient? You press key, letter appears on screen, it doesn't have to be more complicated than that
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    @shoop well, the mire time u spend in it the more you learn u can do, like creating twmplates, watching for speific syntax, maybe nano has 1 and 2 but I haven't seem the limitless capabiliyies of thr customization
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