I can code, git, ssh, reddit, mailbox, Spotify all at the same window.
With coc-explorer you can switch between your buffer just like VSCode

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    What do you use reddit and Spotify?
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    TTRV for reddit
    Spotify-TUI for Spotify.
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    I've been meaning to try coc-explorer lately as I see it pop here and there. How does it compare to Nerdtree or similar plugins?
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    @Jilano I don’t have much experience with nerd tree because I usually use ‘netrw’ to navigate thru folders before I met coc-explorer, but compare to that, a little bit slower when inside medium large project
    (eg. .Net Core API backend).
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    Damn, you use Vim for dotnet? What about Visual Studio?
    I mean, I love Vim to do some quick things, but...
    Do you use it as your main Dev environment?
    Can you debug like in VS (line by line, hover over variables and see values, watches, interactive shell, etc.)?
    Can it handle huge enterprise projects?
    I have so many questions
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    normally use it with angular projects.
    But yeah, dotnet core works on me.

    Although I still open VS when modify solution settings and nuget, it just easier.

    Most of the time omnisharp with roslyn-based server is enough.

    My company’s solutions normally contains ~10 projects in it, so I don’t have the answer for you.
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