How many tabs in your chrome now?

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    Undefined 😊
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    Which instance?
    I have 3 windows, 5-10 tabs each at the moment just to handle code conflicts.... someone fucking kill me.
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    2 in the productivity window, 5 in the entertainment window.
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    Oh, and it's Firefox BTW.
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    My rule of thumb is not to exceed 5, I keep my workspace clean
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    2 windows, 10 tabs. But over here it's 09:38, so the day just started. I guess it will become 30-50 over the day.
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    @shoop you are batshit insane.
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    @nitwhiz How many do you have?
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    121 in this window, 50 in another, 77 in a third.

    Not counting incognito tabs
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    @shoop Meet @netikras. He's a vim user and has more than 5 tabs open.

    *backs away*
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    3 windows:
    5 monitoring
    13 some docs
    8 _stuff_

    So not much. It's a good day.:D
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    Vivaldi got a nice feature. You can stack tabs. You can also set tabs to "inactive".
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    7 atm. Firefox though. My friend always has like 20. I don't know how he keeps sane.
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    @netikras you are a maniac
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    @shoop problem?

    I'm multitasking.

    3x projects at work
    1x non-profit project
    3x personal projects
    ~50% of those tabs serve me as a TODO list: nginx hardening, udev rules, WireGuard configuration (joining with LAN), custom field converters for SpringData, etc.
    ~5–10% of those tabs are communication channels
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    The chrome mobile app just says “ :) “
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    I have 89 tabs open currently.
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    8 in Chrome
    6 in Firefox

    But it's a slow day.
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    I find things get a little wiggy out like at 300+ among combined browser tabs.

    MS Edge being the worse, and before you know, it, all your 24Gb of RAM is used up.

    You know you hit the limit, when a new tab is just blank..

    Or your 12 CPU is at 100%, and the SSD swapfile is @ 100% usage..

    Of course, you don't want to close any of the, but the least useful..

    And then you discover you can't get to the least useful ones easily because everything is like treacle.
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