Wtf is a 0.25% equity in a barely functioning startup which you helped build from scratch????

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    Justify your worth? Ask the founder whether he could do that stuff himself.
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    Delete the repo > Disappear > Change name > Get into government > Get your founder into a scandal > Cash in the 0.25% > Get him jailed > Profit.
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    @sudocode 😂 I like where your head is at. Can we make a movie with this plot coz I am interested in how it plays out.
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    Fuck him and never call him again.
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    @Fast-Nop she sure as shit cannot and wouldn't be able to find anyone naive enough to have taken on all the shit I did in the first place tbh.
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    enough paper to wipe your ass with but not so much that you mind the loss when you hurl it back at them after you do.
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    Take it like an opportunity to up your bullshit game: see if there’s a way to get some money out of them. Like $50g for something you could do in a couple hours.
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