Is web server like apache or nginx required if there’s no static resource and no need to reverse proxy?

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    you see a sign here that says "free computer help"?

    have you even considered typing that shit into google instead?
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    @molaram I absolutely googled it. but I thought that this kind of things have no only one correct answer. there's only some opinions about it. some people said it's not necessary and some of them said it still need to there because of some other factors.. I just want to know your opinions.
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    @jaeyo how else will you serve? sounds like you don't think you have static resources but thats all you would be serving if you weren't using something like apache or nginx

    see npx serve
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    @jaeyo welcome to the internet. you have to learn how to figure out things on your own.
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    @fullstackchris I omitted extra info about it by mistake. I just wanna know that is it ok to serve web service by only WAS like tomcat.
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    Strictly speaking: No, a "frontend" server isn't really required. It will work, as long as your application server speaks http (which most do, or they can be configured to do so).

    The other question is - does it make sense?

    You do plan to grow, right? So a load balancer might be required in the future - why not add one now?
    Will there be static resources in the future? Do you need caching, HTTPS (with a decent performance) or other feature you would otherwise need to write in you application, but a webserver offer already?
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    It helps a lot. Layers help a lot
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    @molaram Wow, damn, why such a harsh response?
    Searching for something on Google or whatever fucking search engine you use doesn't always get you the needed results with questions like these and even if you get some good ones, asking a question about it in a place like this should be perfectly fine, there is a question tag/section after all!

    @fullstackchris I don't entirely get your point. I've used static sites with nginx, apache, nodejs and PHP (yes, literally webservers in all cases) and it really depends on the case for me but mostly nginx with a normal virtual host. (cc @jaeyo)
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    @molaram For example, I recently saw a question about what best to use for websockets with Node and people where responding exactly like this but it took me personally multiple motherfucking weeks to find this out with an insane amount of search engining. It's not always as simple as "just search engine it".
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    @jaeyo also, welcome man!
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    @linuxxx thanks for your thoughtful response.
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