Let's see if I have any new e-mails at outlook.office365.com

* gets redirected *
* gets redirected *
* gets redirected *
* gets redirected *

"You have been successfully logged out of all your accounts, have fun getting back in loser"

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    Always. And they download like the entire internet for every shitty o365 app.
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    I finally ended up only checking my Microsoft emails on Firefox where I could have separate containers for each log in so I could stop wasting time on the “I provided the email and password for account A, why the HELL am I in account B’s email?!” game.
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    @AmyShackles that is a good wisdom
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    @alexbrooklyn My team lead actually suggested it when I first started but I was like “Eh, it’s not that big of a deal.” Six months later and I try it after being frustrated for the third time that day and kicked myself for waiting that long to check it out. It sounds like a stupid workaround and like it’s not worth it if you use a different browser normally, but it saves so much aggravation. (I literally only used Firefox to handle Microsoft login applications)
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