A report from The Register :

ICANN has halted the proposed $1.1 billion sale of the .org registry to a private equity firm. The DNS overseer has been under growing pressure to use its authority to refuse the planned transfer of the top-level domain from the Internet Society to Ethos Capital. "ICANN ultimately bowed to the US state's top lawyer when it concluded today it "finds the public interest is better served in withholding consent."

The decision will likely spark a mixture of relief and celebration from millions of .org domain holders, including some of the world's largest non-profit organizations, many of which were certain that their long-standing online addresses were going to be milked for profit by an organization that never fully revealed who its directors or investors were.

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    It was obvious from the get-go that the only meaningful "business model" would be extorting high domain prices and betting that giving up a well-established domain would cause more damage to the domain holder than paying the extortion money.

    And to make money e.g. from big corporations, China or others who want to see some websites suppressed and are willing to pay for tanking them.
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    This is stupid. Like, almost banning-deep-linking-by-claiming-copyright-of-your-urls level stupid. Why is capitalism like this?
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    @Lor-inc Because why have a billion when you could have two, or even more!
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