The Jio phone out of India actually looks like a cheap ($10ish dollars) but worthy little option if you just want something to mess around on but don't want to drop $30-40 (plus shipping) on a pi.

Only 4gb storage, 512mb ram, 240x320 screen, dual core 1ghz, just enough to experiment if you're broke.

What do you think? Any indian programmers familiar with the Jio?

I'm not running out to buy it or anything. I stumbled across it and wonder what people's opinions of it are.

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    If you have the cash and you'll have fun then I think you know what to do 😉

    Buy that Jio, get a Leo, heck even go to Rio!
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    Why not just use emulator? I know it’s not the same that to play with actual device, but regarding specs of the phone I think you’ll be better off with emulator
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    @NoToJavaScript thats like buying a fleshlight instead of being with a girl.

    A poor imitation of the real thing. Takes all the fun right out of it.
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    @Wisecrack I assume it’s Android ?
    I had multiple people saying that debugging on the phone kills the phone very fast. (I know one company, they needed to buy a new test devices every 4-6 months)

    I did not test that fac my self !
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    @NoToJavaScript Actually runs on a branch of firefox os called KaiOs, so it's linux based, which is actually kinda cool. It's what initially attracted me. They have a bunch of people maintaining it too from what I can see, so even though firefox os is dead, Kai seems well-loved.

    On an only semi-related note, their app store also doesn't seem too crowded, and it looks like theres no fee for submitting an application.
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    I'm skeptical of that price even if it is a piece of shit (looks to be)

    Maybe there are alternative methods of monetization 👨‍💻😈💰
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    @srpatil they're talking about you 😝
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    @Wisecrack Ah oki, cool, have fun !
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    @RocketSurgeon I'll trust anything linux over something made by bill gates.

    unfortunately half the applications I rely on are windows-only :\
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    @SortOfTested lol I used to test those phones while working in the Service Validation team. The screen is so small that my head would hurt initially. But then I got used to it.
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    @srpatil wait, you worked for them? What was that like?
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    @NoToJavaScript does it really kills the phone?
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    @Wisecrack not as a developer, as a tester. I did sanity testing/QC testing of the device, and the issues were tracked using IBM Rational. I still have the issues as I had noted them in my iPhones notes. Stuff like—

    1. Pin code field accepts alphabets as inputs

    2. When we go to contacts—> options—>Settings->Memory—>SIM only and then try to add new contact, we get a blank window.

    And we prepared detailed reports of the issues and sent the feedback to the developer team for them to fix it.
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    @white-knight I don't know ! I would like more feed back on that on that !!
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    Thanks for the idea. One of my peeps probs have one lying around doing nothing.
    Also but like can't you get like some better hardware with android flashed to it and then like flash linux to it ? I mean just off the the top of my head.
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