*random person stars my repo on Github*

Me: Fuck yes give me those stars!

*checks user's profile, has starred 40k repositories*

Me: Take that star back you whore.

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    *sighs, puts star back in pez dispenser
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    You win devrant today! Thank you.
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    Such people are Star Whores
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    Star4Star like instagram. Such whores, much disappointment.
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    Who the fuck stars 40k repositories?
    No way that's not a bot.

    Who the fuck builds a bot to star 40k repositories?
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    @endor people making money off of it.
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    @Wisecrack I understand karmawhoring on social media, but Github? How do you monetize repo starring on Github?
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    @endor sleezy startups or people reputation building by building frameworks (or *shudders* microframeworks, akak LIBRARIES) that are "x but for y!", or "the new, and shiny, and (marginally) better than this OTHER [popular framework in current year]."

    Color me cynical.
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    40k?! That’s pure StarPorn right there 🙈
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