A while back I got me a sweet Logitech G502 Hero mouse. Usually in the past I was good with a cheapo wireless mouse. Then I started running into an issue a couple of weeks in. The left mouse click started double clicking on its own. I ended up replacing that mouse with a new one. Now I wonder if my mouse is starting to do it again (another 2 weeks). So I took a quick gander if other people are having this issue:
Seriously Logitech WTF? Its been a year and you don't have this solved? I have always used Logitech and the moment I up-buy I get their shit? It is weird as this doesn't affect the G502, just the G502 Hero.

So I will see if my new one goes this route, but Logitech better step up on this one if it does. I am wondering if I should get a different model.

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    They probably used a different microswitch that's prone to failure. I had that issue with a pricey Razer.
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    Pretty sure someone should start a mouse jacket startup.
    where you slot a cheap mouse into a jacket, and get a comfy mouse molded to fit your hand....

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    I has the same issue after about a year or so. bought a cheap MS mouse, same after a year. damnit I remember the times when a mouse could be used for a 5y+ without issues ....
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    The replacement Hero is starting to double click on left click too. It does it once in a blue moon, but it has started. I ordered a different mouse from someone else. When that arrives I will be taking it back. The new mouse is $20 cheaper. Hopefully it doesn't suck:

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    The reddragon sucks too. Stay away as they feel cheap and it failed in about 10 minutes during setup.

    Now trying a Corsair m65
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