The amount of "full stack" developers I've seen that know nothing about networking, servers or security has broken me inside over the years. Like cmon man either learn that stuff or stick to doing frontend. Don't put user's data at risk just because you wanna earn a bit more money

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    If by fullstack you mean entire stack...
    then sure, but if you mean the typical frontend/backend guy who wouldn't know how to setup a server if their life depended on, then no, but then it's not really fullstack then is it.
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    I almost read that as "full sack" developer. Like it was some kind of brogramming reference.
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    "fullstack" does not refers to networking, security and etc. yet...
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    surprised how companies keep hiring them. they just throw some buzzwords in their resumes and they're hired.
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    Even though I know this It is what I would expect a devops or sys admin dude to do. Not the dev himself.
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    @AleCx04 Yeah, but even dev has to have atleast a clue what is going on while his frontend communicates with his backend.
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    @hitzoR which is why I know how to do it. But having someone do it for you as their specific job and task is way tf better and saves a lot of time than having someone fuck around with shit until it gets deployment ready. The thought of it actually makes it scary.
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    @JhonDoe I'm not talking about securing servers here that's operations but making sure you at least don't have code filled with vulnerabilities
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    @N0ps ah stuff like sql injection, xss, never trusting users
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    @alexbrooklyn I would have said that's basic no matter what you work on. Always sanitize your input. Don't trust users.
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    @saucyatom Trust nobody, not even yourself
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    "I'll build in security later"
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