I have a friend who always talks about coding on his whatsapp status, he even posted a screenshot of a mobile app he allegedly was working on. So, i asked him what language he uses to Develop Mobile apps (not web apps) and he said, html, css and php. I am a beginner in programming, i know java, python, dart and Javascript can be used to develop mobile apps,can we also use html, css and php to develop mobile apps?

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    html and css? Yes.
    PHP? Possible, but unlikely.
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    @stop so i can make a fully functional android/ios mobile app and deploy it to playstore and appstore?
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    @Mbadi devrant is made with html, css and javascript.
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    Yes. Php as backend, HTML, CSS and JS (React Native for example) as Frontend (spak: app)
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    You can use capacitor, cordova, nativescript or react native to do that.
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    @Mbadi using html and css?
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    @Mbadi with html and css only, you will get something nice looking, but nothing working. For interaction javascript is needed.
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    *sigh* Now PHP is the part of mobile app? What is this witchery?
    Did they ever mean to say it's used for REST API that app consumes?
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