Visual Studio Code - ever since the beta.

VS Code is... amazing. There's no words to describe it. It's just amazing.

VSCode since the inception was just this tiny version of Visual Studio that you can transform into your own little IDE. That was the whole point of VSCode - it was a extensible editor. For many years I've used it and never looked back, I still use VS from time to time but Microsoft really nailed this one.

Most of the editors I knew lacked good auto completion and good linting, which IntelliSense was good, and it became even greater once support for languages started piling up. Themes also were top notch, I still remember you can't theme the entire window just the editor, nowadays you can.

And last but not the least is the Remote integration. I didn't need to leave my OS just to do work from another, I just need a SSH agent and it works. It's very straightforward and easy.

Overall Visual Studio Code is a editor that is more about choice and your own style - which makes it unique from IDEs, its fresh and its definitely earned its place as one of the most sought after tools in development.

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    All is fun, fancy and cheers until starts lagging and eating resources.

    Thats my experiece with it at least witj some major projects. I am thinking of purchase sublime text and/or even jetbrains tools.

    Again, my experiece, and probably caused by self--sabotage when managing add-ons or something like that.
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    I think it's really important to note here that VS Code isn't amazing because of MS, but rather because of the VS code community. All the amazing at Microsoft is now the result of open source efforts and the contribution of non-MS people.
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    @zoridan I had the same issue in a very big project, and, indeed, it pretty much went away when I switched to sublime.
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