Old Boss from my year internship before I started my apprenticeship:
"It would be nice if you could maintain your written software even if you arent working here anymore"
Me: "Yeah. I'll try my best"
Boss: "Cool"
Me: "We Can use git, so I Can manage my Code better and you Can easily track everything"
Boss: "Ehh what? Don't understand"
Me:" .. Ok. We will use GitHub, so you Can See and create issues, I will maintain Code and so on"
Boss: "Yeah, graphical Interface Sounds good. .. Make it private. Here is my Account. Invite me please"
Me: "Invited you. You should Receive an email. Alternatevly you Can follow These steps *writes Long text, and describe How to use GitHub*
Boss: "*a week later* How Can I Log in into GitHub?"
Me: "..."

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    Don't maintain that code for free
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    @abdallahesam Is this wrong? Sorry for my English :P
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    @harleywewax I know, I'll get some Money as I understood. But I'm insecure if this is legal? Because I started an apprenticeship on a different company. My new boss said that if I work for other companies in my freetime and get Money for, I could Tell him, it would be okay. But I don't know
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    Dont do it for free and fuck him if he is unable to log I hardly think he will understand shit about ejats going on
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