Do you ever look at old code from years ago a think “god that was bad”? I’m so embarrassed by something I wrote on 2010, it’s shockingly bad!

I actually feel a little low and think maybe I’m not very good! Of course now my code is so much better but think to myself, is what I’m writing now gonna be the same down the line?

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    That's the way it should be.
    And I would certainly hope you loom back again in the future and have the same feeling.
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    I think this is common.. I mean happens to me every other forthnight..
    Lately it's more of a 'ooh, I could have done this better by doing it this way or that way..of only I had more time..' instead of the 'dumb fuck, what drugs were you on when you wrote this shit?!?!' but I think it's because of getting the > fast, reliable, not overlycomplicated, coded fast and without introducing additional fw/shit in the codebase < in balance not because the code would be superb or sth..
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