I may or may have reached peak performance now

Like what the fuck is up with these GitHub followers like sure I did work for a startup for months but hot damn 147.

I don't know if I should be mad or scared or cry or be happy.

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    Make it 148
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    Its because of your profile pic.
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    I don't think it the only reason. I heard a lot of js developer github profile have anime picture (although I haven't verify it).
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    @caramelCase by the way do you draw your avatar or do you rip it from some website?
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    No idea, but what I'm really curious about is why I can't find people to interview in Tokyo 10 years your senior whose English is half as good 😆
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    I think you meet unbalance people. Some of them are good at writing the documents with perfect English but they don't do well on conversion.
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    Use the tag feature so you're not targeting OP.

    That's also kind of obvious. Deficient language skills are deficient. The question is really what prefectures/schools/communities produce more foreign language capable graduates, and why is Tokyo laggardly.
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