The fact you know some design pattern doesn't mean that you need to force it everywhere.

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    But how am I supposed to show people that I'm smart?
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    @rutee07 By keeping your dick... Eh design pattern in your pants
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    @IntrusionCM But how are they supposed to know my massive cock is legit? They always assume I'm just stuffing my pants with a cannon.
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    @rutee07 Hm. It's useless....

    And we can stay in the analogy: Having a big dick or knowledge of design patterns is useless when not utilized correctly...

    Fucking like a rabbit != good sex

    Applying design patterns != good code

    Knowing the Kama Sutra doesn't make you a sex god. :)
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    @IntrusionCM You said you wouldn't tell anybody! *pouts* *runs away*
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    @rutee07 I told noone that I placed a tv at the ceiling out of boredom during sex... Or that I wrote the grocery list before doing that.

    I was nice!
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    I have a manager that uses what I like to call a skeletal design pattern. He just leaves lots of blank files and empty wiki pages with "TODO" on them. It's annoying as fuck and we've all told him to stop doing it and he keeps doing it anyway and laughs it off.

    Also he's currently under house arrest for assault charges.
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    @djsumdog that anecdote escalated quickly
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