Feeling like anyone who knows how to google and has a month of free time can take over my job.

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    Relatable. I like this week's topic.
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    > anyone who knows how to google


    > and has a month of free time

    Sorry, no can do, I already have a full-time job.

    On the other hand, how much does yours pay, and what are the benefits?
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    Yeah but all the practice makes you faster at finding the answers. That's what you're being paid to do.
    I learned that after I started coloring my own hair, about why I should pay a hairdresser. Still, their rates are too high and I can't afford ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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    @SomeNone you are forgetting those high school students who got 3 months of free time. I recently felt this realisation that every generation that is newly coming to the world learns from their previous gen's mistake and ends up with a lot more knowledge than us
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