Does Google Crawl every website and pages on the internet?

I want to know does google crawler will visit my pages or they only visit few, like I have more than 10 Million pages so how much time it will take approx to index complete pages.

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    Have you tried to Google it?

    Google Pagerank algorithm is used to crawl websites by following links. Your pagerank is determined based on the amount of links to your sites and the quality of the sites linking to you.
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    @lmgtfy How does google search work
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    10 million pages?
    Don't know how seo works?

    Something really doesn't add up here.

    @sudocode I see what you did there 😏
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    Here's how Google actually works: Google has hired 10 billion Chinese teenage girls who have to read every website. The more they giggle, the higher your page rank.
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    10M pages? sounds like search engine spam. They will take whole minute to figure it out, so yeah I think they may bother indexing some 100 pages before sending your shit to page 6969696969696
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