Turns out that stuff you commit and remove in later commits stays in git history and is searchable.
That, kids, is why you either squash your commits or just don't put swears in your debug code.
Especially if you have literally dozens of colleagues on the same codebase.
And you work in a large organisation where this sort of thing is frowned upon.

The crime was months ago, I wonder what the statute of limitations is on that.

And yes, in the years-long history of the codebase it's JUST me that's used any of the big three.

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    And that happens BEFORE you push anything to the remote. What is made cannot be unmade. If you push it, reflog can own you.
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    I pushed sweary comments about Safari and Internet Explorer and I was told not to.
    I guess I'll have to leave out my anger towards browsers here.
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    This is why I love seattle. F-bombs are the Seattle hello. Meetings are replete with them, no time for colorful obfuscation around meaning.
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