I think I have configuphobia.

When you need to setup configurations for like anything, it's always super loosely coupled and can break when you even breathe on it.

Database table columns? Configured once.
Authorization management? Create a user and configure the password and username in the application.
Backups? Configure the network path to backup to.

All these things are so EASY to break!
Maybe I'm overcautious, but I really dislike it.

There are ways around it of course, like documentation and automation, but it's all so much work. And even then it's still loosely coupled.

What do you all do to keep your configs working without getting nightmares?

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    Yes, I may be a bit of a control freak 😅
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    Oh it seems the app mistagged this. It's supposed to be wk207!
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    Is what it is. That's why well written software fails fast and early.
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