I'm scared I will assert something is a certain way when actually it isn't. It's not that I hate being wrong, I'm wrong all the damn time, I just don't want to be seen as someone with a big ego who can't take the time to learn what's actually going on.

This results in my constantly saying "I think" and "maybe", which makes me sound less confident and likely results in being taken less seriously. But I think I prefer that to sending someone down the wrong path if I'm not sure I know what I'm saying is correct.

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    Same. Makes people think I know nothing because I'd rather shut up and say "I don't know" or "I'm not sure" than say something I'm not very confident with. I'm slowly getting over it though and adding disclaimers work. :D
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    Certainty is overrated.

    Just get used to being wrong. Say things with certainty, and when you're wrong shrug "Well I guess I'm wrong. Thanks for letting me know."

    Or don't.

    Just trust what *you know*, trust your instincts and experience.

    It's not like you'll be executed for being *wrong*.


    Just do it. Commit. I mean you already commit through git, now commit in real life. Commit to anything. Commit to your opinion. Commit to doing what you planned on doing today. Commit to your girlfriend (well, maybe think that last one over carefully, thats a pretty serious decision).

    Whats the worst that can happen?

    You end up married, with four kids, divorced, and an alcoholic.

    But for everything else?

    Oh no. He was wrong. Shrugs.
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