Does anyone here watch or create live-coding sessions on livecoding.tv? I'm going to experiment with it this afternoon, bc it sounds fun.

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    p.s. should I have put "!rant" in front of that? Is that expected?
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    @wmhilton No, some people seem to do it, but it's not an actual thing.

    Interesting link though. I'll check it out.
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    @Sleepy-guy It's wmhilton. I set up the broadcasting software some time ago but never got around to actually using it until today. I'll be starting around 1800 UTC (and yes, it took me a while to compute that. 2pm Ohio time)
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    I'm starting a new JavaScript project for fun and learning. I want to write a code editor that bypasses the "text" phase of code and goes straight from keyboard and mouse events to editing the abstract syntax tree.
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    Wow I never knew about this site it looks ver interesting thanks ! 👍
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