How are you all enjoying those restaurant websites lately? I have to fight the urge to try and build one. It sounds like a bad idea... but - I just think - they could be improved!!! Any good examples out there?

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    Mostly crap, but better than they used to be.
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    no it‘s not a bad a idea. It‘s a exploding market and there is enough demand for local solutions.
    Here in Zurich Switzerland there are restaurants teaming up and organize a self made bicycle messenger cargo bike delivery solution. As they don‘t want to pay uber eats fees and support low paid labor exploitation by multi billion dollar companies. example in german https://www.dabbavelo.ch/

    do it!
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    @heyheni Ha! Cool example! I mostly mean a bad idea for me - because I'm already working on an ambitious project. But - store uploads array. the shopper chooses from that array. Choices are added up. Payment is received. Things get created/mailed/driven etc. What could go wrong? Hahaha. ; )
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    @sheriffderek there are surely already thousands of open source delivery backends on github. 🙂

    and you have a good developer salary dont you? You could hire a dev from the Philippines from the usual scumbags www.fiverr.com and www.upwork.com to assist you.

    Also what is also booming here in zurich are farmers selling their produce freshly directly to the consumers.
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    I mostly do ubereats or caviar, so it's about the same. Ubereats may have gotten a little better.
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    I see a lot of small businesses opening up and I love it. There are some who advertise on Instagram and still use the old "text this number for your orders". You can probably target those people.

    Ordered 3kg mangoes and 2kg sierra plums. :)
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    If it works it's already almost good enough
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