# hello world!
I'm 26, from Germany, web artisan and currently on vacation.
I'm fairly new here. Stumbled upon it on my first day of vacation. I will most likely share some rants as soon as my vacation is over, until then I'll comment, fav and ++ other rants and comments.

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    Welcome to devRant! You will really like the community. Home for many devs worldwide. Enjoy 😀
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    Welcome buddy! Hope you're enjoying your vacation!

    You know you will have to build your rant force once you're back! 😉
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    @orijin ty, sure do
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    Eyyy buddy! How's the autobhan system I hope to drive on that one day for fun muhahahaha lol
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    @rrishi what's special about German highways? 😕
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    We have some parts with no speed limit, maybe he means that?!
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    Funny I read the rant in German accent, by the way welcome abode @elDeth
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    @orijin yep @lojigh is corrected other than computers and dev im a huge piston head. The autobhan is great because it has some parts that are not speed restrictive. Just to go 120 on a public highway legally is a awesome feeling I live for that stuff. It's as good as getting my code to compile and run in the first try.
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    @rrishi it sounds more fun that it is. Most of the time you can't drive much faster than the previous limit. There is just to much traffic. But tourist rides like on the nuerburgring are fun :)
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    @devJoe :D thatz OK, but I will tell it Hanz while we eat Schnitzel with Kraut :P
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