Are you guys looking out for job change given that the recession is coming and people are getting fired?

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    Why are they getting Fred? What did he do?
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    @rutee07 there was layoff in my flatmate's company and almost 60-70% of qa team was fired.
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    @rutee07 Yeah, what did i do :(
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    I wonder what their management was thinking 🤔 "cost-cutting will have potential effects on work quality anyway so let's just fire QA first"

    I'm considering after the quarantine is lifted since I'm trying to assess my worth as an employee.
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    At least where I was until a few days ago, QA were utterly worthless point and click human script runners and 45% of the project budget. Layoffs didn't get a single one of them though.

    I didn't get laid off though, I went to a different project at a better company 🥳
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    Nothing to do with covid, but I moved on (currently serving out my notice period in the old company.)

    If anything covid made me more hesitant to move, since as a long-term employee (in the UK) I enjoyed some protections around redundancy that I won't immediately have when starting the new role. But hey, better working conditions, more exciting projects, greenfield coding, no legacy crap to deal with and nearly double the salary swayed me.
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    No but im always looking for new opportunities, cant hurt to be up to date with the market
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    @lindows qa is overrated anyway :P
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