The facebook python group caused me to make this meme due to the outrageous number of Which ide for python posts we see there.

Everyday its the same 2 questions, How long does it take to learn python, and which IDE is best.

Both of these questions require subjective answers. fml.

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    What were you expecting in a Facebook group? Also, there's an easy solution: leave it.

    PS: Careful with the categories/tags too.
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    Haha, good meme.

    Anyway what's the best IDE for pyhton ?
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    @Jilano There's not a whole lot of places for a dev to get a decent conversation in.

    I like to be helpful to people just learning our trade craft. And I am able to help some of the people who post there.

    Assuming the post isnt retarded lmao.
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    You can edit and run Jupyter Notebooks in Pycharm, so you get the good from both worlds. I love it.
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    i do use jupyter notebooks during prototyping they defiantly have their places
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    @sweetnothings well the code assistance in jupyter is nonexistent so I like using the combination I mentioned :)
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    @Emphiliis I agree completely, my pyCharm is in vim mode :)
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    Pycharm pro is the best. Scientific mode of Pycharm is better than Jupyter. I personally don't like the idea of coding in browser.
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    What is the best language for python? 🥴
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