Question for game developers 🙄
I wanted to try game development a few years back, started watching unity3D tuts, but I realized quickly that I can't actually do anything, because I don't have the skills to design animation and draw ui, and it was stupid to buy components online before I knew what I'm doing.. so I left it. Was I wrong? How did you start? Is it possible to make a game on your own, or do you need a team with members who each specialize in its own area (code, design, animation, music, etc.) And if team is needed, then how do you even start learning? Thanx

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    It's a site with free game assets, like tilesets, 3d models, textures, music etc. Also, don't use Unity's tutorials. Look for some on Youtube, for example: quill18creates or rm2kdev (those are the ones I remember, there is a lot more of them).

    As for design, just make a very generic and simple game in a genre you like, for example: a rpg with 5 levels, two dungeons and maybe some quests about clearing said dungeons. Or make a first person zombie survival. That way you will learn about game dev and game design at the same time. Just remember to KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid!).
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