8 rules of freelancing which newbie should know:

Rule 1: never pick up a half done website.

Rule 2: never take a job where they want to "do things themselves". And don't work with fixed prices if you calculate your price on a best case scenario.

Rule 3: don't do content management

Rule 4: don't promise a sales target on their website.

Rule 5: start sending invoices every money and not just at the end of the project.

Rule 6: Put every website on your own webserver and don't release it untill it's paid.

Rule 7: Don't work for free.

Rule 8: Don't work for free.

Credit: Jhon Dear

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    Rule 6 is superseeded by: "Don't work for anyone that won't pay you in advance".

    I know that lot of people fears about not being contracted because didn't FINISHED a fucking great work before, but, what I really fear is to waste 1 fucking minute of my life doing some shit that can't be reused (custom websites) and don't be paid.

    Once you say, pay 50% in advance, you're doing the right client selection. Not paying? Don't you have money? Then why should I start anything?

    It may be hard to start doing it, but when you start doing it, it's a pleasure.
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    Important one is missing: don't do anything before signing a contract.

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    Always keep your deadlines!
    If you can't, don't accept/promise deadlines in the first place.
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    @M1sf3t i do a lot of work for professional experience but it’s all about if you can. like i’m in high school and don’t need it for money, but if you’re trying to do it as a full job then 7+8 gotta apply
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    start sending invoices every money.

    i like that, i'm gonna use that, next time i'll send an e-mail with the title "I did money. Here's your invoice"
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