I have lost a bet:

I, Brod, admit that, C++ is superior to Javascript in every way possible.


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    What was the bet?
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    That's like comparing a grape ... To a huge fucking grape

    Whilst yes .... They are both the same thing... A grape.

    But one is huge with far more content which makes it way better.

    And the other is small so whilst it can still do the job of making you feel less hungry. It's not a meal...

    One can do a small job the other far bigger job ...

    But carrying the big grape around is hassle ... The other fits in your pocket....

    I've gone to far with the grape thing I think...
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    @shaks I had to out perform c++ with floating point calculations.. it was pretty close until c++ went parallel.
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    What about ease of use, especially for prototyping? Or is this for your own projects without a deadline?
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    I'm not an expert but browser compatibility is probably not C++'s strong suit.
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    @benhongh Nor is it JavaScript's :P cross browser testing sucks.
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    @brod Floating point computations? Really? I mean, that's not exactly what JavaScript's known for... Did you at least use the SIMD extensions? (https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US...) I've always wanted an excuse to use those...
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    @wmhilton yeah I was drunk and dug myself into a hole arguing with an engineer - JavaScript was faster initially but only because I was using clustering on a octocore 😅, c++ guy noticed it and proceeded obliterate me.
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    @brod Just a shame you had to say C++ is superior to JavaScript. There's some areas JavaScript is much better suited. For instance, I doubt the C++ standard library comes with a JSON parser or an AJAX interface.
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    @wmhilton not very fair to compare on standard library features is it? If so Java/C# would have come top.

    It's much better to restrict comparison to language features. Things like Ajax or serialisation can come from libraries.

    But then hey, use the right tool for the right job. C++ and JS are so so so diffident from each other the choice is usually bluntantly obvious given the context. I.e. use JS for device driver and C++ for DOM manipulation :-)
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    You, brod, my friend, should admit that, you need for knowledge about programming languages
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    It's a part of a bet, I think the person who made him say it should, not Brod himself. @tahnik
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