Took my laptop in the toilet to listen to zoom lectures and i took such a huge and loud dump that besides my mic being unmuted they could also smell it

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    This is self induced and you deserve every bit of karma you receive from your colleagues.
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    I'm more concerned about that fact you shit with your laptop 🤨
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    Hell, I can smell it from here. *inhales deeply*
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    @rutee07 Careful, you're going to pass out. Again.
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    @rutee07 you still alive?
    *pokes* nope... I think he's dead.

    Well there's only 1 thing to do in this position... *unzips*
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    @Jilano I passed out and my face landed on the crap on the floor but I'm dreaming about putting my tongue out into a chocolate fountain so I guess it worked out well.

    @C0D4 Yes, do me like one of your lady boyszx.
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    @rutee07 wtf! Well... shit... might as well finish now, not like I can talk my way out of being this deep in.
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    @C0D4 Yup, but you have to get your boobs done before, though
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