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    There goes most of the action movies. And basically all of the Marvel and DC movies. Begs the question why.

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    Dear "[Rest of] The World"
    If you want to make better movies, make better movies.

    Unless this is about something unmentioned, like global warming and carbon footprint or some misguided hatred of capitalism or democracy or something. In which case: don't hide. Spell it out.
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    lol what? is the Philippines going to save the world in movies? or Russia?
    How about Somalia?

    The rest of the world can do it whenever their moves don't involve cringey choreography, looking at you India. Or wire jumping, looking at you China.

    Till then y'all sit the fuck down and let the Hollywood world saving to the U.S. Heavens knows as allies in combat y'all don't do jack shit anyway.
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    USA: *Have a president that alienates every other country on earth*
    Also USA: “Fucken weak allies”
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    Za Warudo
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    @Python yeah, you kinda do get to do shit like that when, well, you have weak allies.

    imagine that.
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    @AleCx04 lmao sure 😂
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    Just stop watching them. There is hardly any movie worth watching that came out of Hollywood in decades.
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    Stop watching US propoganda films and it'll start being less of an issue.
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    Just watch better movies . Chinese buying companies in weak allies and american hot shot (Microsoft ) buying small companies in US.

    just a observation. Take it lightly. Maybe false information.
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