Transference of Consciousness
We take ideas or concepts born from abstract thoughts and turn them into working machinery run by an electronic cog. Literally pulling thought from the mind and putting it into action and bringing life into inanimate objects. The life may not 'yet' be self aware or conscious itself. So is programming a desire to impart our will or life to an otherwise inert object? Is this desire intrinsic to our own essence? Was this desire born of the desire our own creator had when making us? I use the term creator very loosely here, btw. It could be a god, the universe itself, aliens, etc.

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    I think you would enjoy reading "On Intelligence" by Jeff Hawkins, and his related posts.

    Heres a 'reliable' link to wikipedia, the source of all truth in this universe: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/...

    Or if you prefer:


    While I'm not uber smart like most SEs, I read and absorbed a *lot* of papers on the subject. For years. Enough to make a few laymen predictions that came true, including that dendrites were likely a 'hub' for analog computation, and that axonal length likely introduced nonlinearities that could be used for computation. Both predictions that would later go on to gather strong support in several studies (but alas the people doing the studies were the ones smart enough to do more than just theorize!)

    From what I've seen, Jeff Hawkins knows what hes talking about.

    Give him a read. Hes basically the michio kaku (popsci) of AI. Which is probably an insult, all things being equal.
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    Computers were initially built to get shit done. However, the desire to create, and particularly the desire to create complexity and "intelligence" - be it a very adaptively shaped screwdriver, a coordinated mechanical solution or an arithmetic and decision making device - is definitely a thing. Humans like to play god, I guess.
    Pic: adaptively shaped screwdriver
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