I like how google is trying to catch up in the competition of video calls, and chat...

I have a Gmail account & work email is on Google G-Suit, every time I access one of them that Google meet popup shows in a desperate attempt to make people use it ....

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    Google hasn‘t released anything of significance for end users in the last 10 years. All they do is abusing their monopoly in search to leech off the whole advertisement market.
    And they completely slept when AWS took over the Cloud market.

    They could use some competition indeed.
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    @heyheni indeed they need some competition
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    @gitpush or a anti trust lawsuit and split up google.
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    They’re also so focused on selling google content api for shopping to fight with amazon in e-commerce business that if someone will make decent graph database search engine everyone will say bye bye to “ads search by google”.
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    Google is only for searching and chromecasting.
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    @theuser Spotify runs on google cloud.
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    I use google for maps/directions and translations.
    Nothing else.
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    Google photos is pretty good. Picasa was better though.
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    @Root YouTube is all for me. And my devRant++ subscription of course..
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    @linuxxx Ah, fair.
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    @Root For maps I use OSM and for navigation OsmAnd!
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    @SortOfTested i was sirprised to see how stupid google’s image search really is, and how easy it is to implement an image search engine if you have the base of the web search already working.

    Only their search product keeps their shit afloat. If someone comes up with something better google will fall off the net in a few years.
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    @M1sf3t remember google wave? 😄
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    @M1sf3t what 😅
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    @M1sf3t I usually use YouTube or hooktube.com!
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