Maybe I should automate downloading these google spreadsheets... neat there's an api for it, lemme just check the npm (https://npmjs.com/package/...).

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Uhhh... fuck no? How about no fucking way? The nerve of these guys! Can you imagine being so up your own ass!? That's like 2kb of shit I care about, and the rest is bloat. Might even have some spyware hidden in there for how much NSA pays them.

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    Most of it is typescript, prettier, and other dev-dependencies. How big is your IDE or standard SDK for other languages?
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    @sqlkid are you comparing a whole sdk to a library that basically makes api calls?
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    Is it a one-time download or scheduled? If it's a one time use Google has an export for Google Docs which I found easy to use, easier than scripting it.
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