It has to be the community. Just look at devRant - an open community where - unlike on the rest of the internet - people are friendly and warm. Then there's the concept of open source and GitHub, where people post large and complex projects for free and even the smallest of developers can create issues and pull requests (shouldn't they be called push requests though?) - no other profession will help others out in over 15 million different ways.

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    Well said! πŸ˜€
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    I would have to agree good sir! 🎩
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    That's why lot of jobs are just for bosses. Bosses are creative and that's almost it. *yep pull request is weird name for me too
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    Pull requests are called that because the thought behind it was, that when a pull request is made, the ones reviewing it should pull it down to their local repo and look at it and test it before giving an approval. So it actually makes a lot of sense
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    @aaxa I never thought of it that way round before, thanks! ☺️
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