Finally switched jobs after 7 years, with the expectation to have bigger workload then at my previous job where i almost fell a sleep.
To find even less workload at my new job, asked my manager if i could do something extra because i'm bored.

To get the answer that i don't have permission to do extra work for a half year, because they think its already a big workload for a new employee and they don't want to give me a burn out..
Sigh... what to do... any ideas?

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    fire up some VM's, (check out vagrant) dig into new languages/frameworks/modules/packages, do things you are interested in but aren't normally covered by the projects you are involved with
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    Keep learning and thinking of ways to add value. Be ready when your time comes.
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    Sharpen your skills and senses, deathly clients might be just around the corner
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    You have time to work on your own projects. Goto github create a repo, start playing and learning. Good for your skills and your career as well.
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    Consider Freelancing ?
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    Pick up an open source API used on your project and help them do awesome stuff!
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    Play Overwatch.
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    Minesweeper never gets old... You could write your own version if you like, or even a solver 😀
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