For the first time in my life, I watched spirited away.
Never watched any movie like this, everything in this movie "touched" me.
Never felt anything like this before.

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    Where did they touch you?
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    @rutee07 on the pee pee
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    You should watch other studio Gibli's works.
    They usually have the same "touchy" theme.
    Example : Howl's Moving Castle
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    Is is a porno movie?
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    @cho-uc They are all really good, especially the ones with a more serious background like Porco Rosso, Wind Rises or Grave of the Fireflies.

    My favorites are Princess Mononoke, Porco Rosso and Castle in the Sky.

    Of course the light hearted ones like Kikis delivery service are really fun to.
    Definitely gonna raise my kids on those instead of the Disney shit.
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    My Neighbor Totoro took Spirited Away's place as my favorite Ghibli... Amazing movies.
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    @molaram hentai to be precise
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    @cho-uc yes i watched that too, and recently koe no katachi(silen voice) and damn these japanes, they are so good at these movies, there is just something in their movies. Something different.
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    @faptain Miyazaki's movies focus on the people. All of them and only them. That's what sets them apart from many modern Hollywood films and the vast majority of anime. Even in Nausicaa or Howl's Moving Castle which have extremely powerful atmospheres and environments, the emphasis is still on the people (and other sentient things) involved.
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    @Lor-inc very nice obssrvation. I think there is a bit to the sound tracks and the music which keeps on playing in the backgrounds, for example in spirited away the soundtrack was very melancholic or nostalgic.
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    Watch white bird in a blizzard. Absolutely mesmerizing
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