// TODO:
| Look closely, little boy
| This is where the
| madness begins.

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    With that last tag, you're looking to start a flame war, aren't you?

    On the point, if there's a simple TODO left like this with no further explanation, I'd expect that the issues is self-explanatory when you look at what's there.
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    I want to push that | over a nudge... damn thing doesn't line up.
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    While I agree postponing stuff isn't great, sometimes it's better to take a little more incremental approach. Then, the TODOs are pretty neat. That way it also works more like a police man rather than procrastination.
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    Kotlins TODO() not yet implemented exception thrower is neater for that purpose. After all if something important and obvious is missing you should eighter make sure with a comment what it is if it should run or the TODO above to make it fail.
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    Any commit containing a TODO should be rejected by CI imo
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    I usually just write a test

    assertTrue(false, "don't forget to rename cuntcream to female genital hygiene product before merging")

    That way my "todo" will get stuck in the testing pipeline if I accidentally push it.
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    @bittersweet very subtle. But I like the idea!
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