Do we have vfio enthusiasts here?

Now that I made my second GPU boot into Arch Linux (inb4 I use arch, btw. jokes in the comments), I also set up a windows vm with GPU passthrough.

When I plug the monitor cable into the hdmi port of my passthrough'd GPU, I can see windows os on the screen.

My problem is that I want to have it inside of the same monitor without changing the from hdmi port to hdmi port manually, but "softwarely" (neologism ftw).

I read about looking-glass in the arch wiki (I use arch, btw. + On a serious side note though, I really like the arch wiki. It is very straightforward.), but I could not get it to synchronize with the Spice display server.

Does someone know how the solution to this problem?

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    Rip english I have no idea what you want but my guess is u need a hdmi extension hub
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    @zemaitis haha I was in a rush.

    Let me summarize it.: I have a windows vm inside of an arch linux host os. The windows vm has direct access to my other GPU with no additional layers (bare metal).

    I need a software that can show me the output of the GPU that I passthrough to the guest os without having it require me to replug the video cables by myself.

    Just a need for convenience.
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    @zemaitis + yeah, I've seen some kvm switches, as well, but I don't want that.

    I want a software.
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    Picture in picture? Is that what I'm reading here?
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    Just a quick update: I've managed to write a script that acts like a kvm switch some months ago.

    By pressing both ALTs (or CTRLs I don't remember it exactly anymore), it sends a base64 encoded "HDMI_SWITCH" package to my TV's webserver which switches from one os to the other one.

    Linux already had a switch for usb devices. I used that and bonded some keys to my mouse and keyboard.
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