That feeling when a company HR person (recruiter) tells you after your interview that this has been the best interview so far and you have made her day


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    I thought rants were supposed to be relatable. :(
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    What kind of bull... oh hold on, what were you and that recruiter doing on that desk?
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    I remember when head of IT took me to lunch and said they desperately needed folk like me with lots of experience.

    Later on, when it came time to decide who got the actual job on offer, head of IT was voted down by 2 votes to 1, whilst HR and a random member of staff decided that someone else with no computer experience at all, was more suitable.

    Or that should that, would fit quota better..

    That was my first experience of, that sort of thing.

    Hopefully you tick all the other boxes too..
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    @Nanos Ouch :/ That must have been a little hard. Well, I've had both good and bad experiences. Most of the bad ones were initial interviews where I've somehow come off on the wrong foot with the interviewer. One time while I was talking the interviewer even laid his had in his head and gave out a little sigh like he really wanted to get this over with. That was a bit stressfull. But what I've learned is that the experience generally is dependent on my attitude beforehand. Interviews become easier when done a few in the scope of a couple of weeks. Gets your feet warm.
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    @C0D4 It's called "job interview" nowdays. Come on, keep up old man, will you!
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    I've learned over the years to except a lot of disappoints, usually things start out just fantastic, and then go down hill from there !

    So now my mantra is, expect the worst, hope for the best..
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    As I get to learn more of what variables are in play, the better I'm able to predict the outcome.

    Some jobs, I've even found out who got it, before I went to my interview !
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    @Nanos Very similar to mine :)

    Hope for the best; prepare for the worst

    I like to take it one step further - to prepare for the worst, since just being aware of it doesn't seem to help a lot :)
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    Sounds like she may have wanted to play with your monkey
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    @Nanos The only thing I could do is pretend to have an inner city accent. I don't think that will make me more diverse though.
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    End it by saying, "You should be down in hollywood."

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