So I started to hear a noise on my headphones which I didn't know where it was coming from. It wasn't much of a noise but a regular sequence of "beeps", seemed like 8bit sfx. So I started moving my cable around and it turns out that if I put the headphone's cable under my phone at a specific spot I can hear the noise. Seems like some kind of interference, so the first thing that I thought of is the NFC sensor. So I remembered that an app would detect my credit card (which has NFC) if it was close to the back of my phone, so I put on my headphones and put the cable between the phone and the credit card and voila, the sound changes. It only works if the headphones are be plugged in though.

Idk why but it think this is really cool. Just wanted to share :)

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    The office phones we used on my last jobb had a similar problem.

    If a mobile was to close it caused a ticking noice in the phone and if the mobile started ringing the noice got loud enough to be heard across the room even if the office phone was hung up.

    Have not heard the mobile get affected though.
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    Many wired headphones not all get affected by mobile. Specially if u r about to Recieve a call or sms.
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